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Welcome to Analytical Control Systems, Inc.'s product directory and online catalog.   We have many different in-vitro diagnostic quality control & reagent products.  Some of these products are primarily targeted at the OEM (original equipment manufacture) market but many are available as retail products to small customers and large buying groups alike.   Click below to link to the appropriate category.


Coagulation Reagents, Calcium Chloride and Slides

SPAT and PAA Reagent
Calcium Chloride
SPAT Slides

Coagulation Controls

Level I Whole Blood Activated Clotting Time Control, Animal Based
Level II Whole Blood Activated Clotting Time Control, Animal Based
Level III Whole Blood Activated Clotting Time Control, Animal Based
Positive and Negative SPAT Controls

Hemoglobin Assays and Controls

Normal and Elevated Glycosylated Hemoglobin Control
Hemoglobin Variant Controls
AFSC Hemoglobin Variant Control
NAFSC Hemoglobin Variant Control
AF Hemoglobin Variant Control
AS Hemoglobin Variant Control
AC Hemoglobin Variant Control
Normal and Elevated A2 Hemoglobin Controls
AE Hemoglobin Variant Control
AFS Hemoglobin Variant Control
AFC Hemoglobin Variant Control
AD Hemoglobin Variant Control
Hemoglobin Variant Control, Fractions
Quik-Sep® Hemoglobin F Alkali Denaturation Assay
Normal and Elevated Alkali Denaturation Hemoglobin F Controls
Normal and Depressed Gal-1-PUT Controls
Normal, Intermediate and Depressed Erythro-6-Dehydrogenase G-6-PDH Controls
Total Hemoglobin Control

Serum Controls

LD1/CKMB Control
LD1/CKMB Calibrator
Alkaline Phosphatase Control
Total Protein Control
Clear Human Serum Base
Glucose Base
Glycosylated Serum Calibrator
Zero Calibrator
Normal and Elevated Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Control
• Lipid Controls
HDL/LDL Cholesterol Control
Normal and Elevated HDL Cholesterol Controls
Lipoprotein Electrophoresis Control
Normal and Elevated Total Lipid Controls, Human Based
Normal and Elevated Total Lipid Controls, Animal Based
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Retail customers: click here for retail pricing or click at the bottom of each catalog page.

OEM customers will need to call or write to get a quote for each product.  Please remember to include information on the following:
• Product type (i.e. HC-102 AFSC Hemoglobin Variant Control)
• Fill configuration (i.e. fill size, unique bottle & seal configurations, lyophilized vs. liquid configuration)
• Product configuration (i.e. analyte quantity or type)
• Packaging type ( i.e. bulk liquid, loose bagged vials, boxed in cardboard, packaged in plastic clamshells, etc and package insert requirements)
• Labeling information (i.e. no label needed, label copy provided, label provided or ACS label)
• Quantity desired (i.e. 20, 100, 1000 or more vials, 2 liters)
• Shipping (i.e. Federal express, UPS)
• Tentative date required


Please call to discover if there are any distributors covering your country or your region of the country.


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