Coagulation Reagents, Calcium Chloride and Slides 

SPAT™/ PAA™ Reagent

(Slide Platelet Aggregation Test/ Platelet Aggregation Assay)
ACS Inc.’s SPAT™ Reagent (patented) is used to perform the Slide Platelet Aggregation Test™ & ACS Inc.’s patented PAA™ reagent, known as the Platelet Aggregation Assay, is used for platelet aggregometry testing. These tests enable the investigator or laboratorian to evaluate a patient’s or donor’s platelets’ ability to aggregate. SPAT™ requires only 100 microliters of platelet rich plasma and 100 microliters of reagent, the test is a quick, inexpensive screen to detect impaired platelet aggregation. A polyvinyl or siliconized glass slide is required for accurate testing. PAA™ is a stable, soluble and inexpensive aggregometry reagent with much more to offer than standard reagents such as collagen, arachidonic acid or epinephrine. Aspirin & Reopro® detection are just the beginning. Both tests can detect both acquired and/or congenital platelet dysfunction. The liquid reagent is stable for 2 years from manufacture at room temperature. Quality controls are available for the SPAT test.

• CR-121 1X3 ml reagent & 10 polyvinyl slides 30 X 0.1 ml tests (The Intro Kit)
• CR-121-1
• 6X3 ml reagent
• CR-121-2
• 6X3 ml reagent & 1 gross polyvinyl slides

• CR-121-3
• 10 slides
• CR-121-4
• 144 slides

Calcium Chloride (0.02 M)
Calcium chloride (0.02M) is for use in all of ACS's coagulation tests except the SPAT™/PAA™, the HemoTec ACT-Trols™, the ACTester ACT-Trols™ and the Hemochron Jr. ACT-Trols™.
• CR-109 6 X 5 ml
• CR-109-1 6 X 25 ml
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